Bet on teams or players with stable results

In some sports, there are teams or players who dominate or who have very stable results.

This is the case for example in football where PSG is globally dominant. In Germany it’s Bayern and in Spain it’s Barca. In Scotland, Rangers and Celtic end their season with at least 70% of games not lost.

In tennis, you can overplay Nadal or Djokovic in the early rounds of a Grand Slam, (provided they are uninjured). You are almost certain to win.

Use this data to place your bets. But be careful: never bet several times in a row on the same team. You will increase the risk of loss. Instead, rotate. This way, you will avoid falling on “the” bad match.
Do not play all your capital at once

This may sound like stupid advice and yet… Who has never committed all their money to a prediction just to try to get back on track? Capital management is essential to generate profits over the long term.

To avoid losing everything too quickly, only commit 5% of your balance to a bet. If you win, the next bet will logically be more important. Conversely, if your prediction is a loser, the 5% of the next bet will be numerically lower than those of the previous one.
Beware of infallible techniques

However, surebets rarely exist: most of the time, betting involves some risk. Beware of the “pros” and their dodgy schemes.

Let’s take the example of the martingale, a famous trick in 토토사이트 betting or poker, supposed to make you win every time. In summary, this consists of betting on an odds of around 2 and starting over by doubling the sum committed in the event of failure, until the winning bet. For example, it is enough to commit 1€, then 2, 4, 8, etc. The gain at the end of the Xth bet will cover the previous failures and will generate a slight profit.

This method, despite its infallible aspect, is however very risky: indeed, in addition to the fact that the gain is minimal, it implies that the player has a colossal initial sum. Starting from an amount of 5 euros for example, after 8 successive failures, you will have to pay more than 1000 euros to cover your previous losses! In addition, most operators impose a level beyond which it is forbidden to bet: this trick is therefore often a winner, but if you chain the bad results, the fall will be dizzying!

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